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"The time I spend with Kristy is invaluable to me.  She listens intently and offers me insights

I cannot come to on my own.  My life is significantly better with her in it."  --Molly

"Patrice is respected in our building by both staff and students and goes above and beyond for all of us.  She knows just what to say to reach each individual person where they are.  She is compassionate, attentive, insightful, and a joy to work with.  Students look forward to sharing time with her on a weekly basis." --Steph

"Having a child with severe anxiety and all that comes with it, is a continuous journey. It is a journey that requires someone to not only help guide your child, but you as a parent. That someone is Amber. She has been there to help us and our children through many questions and concerns. Our children have been able to confide and discuss struggles they were experiencing with ease and trust.   Amber has been one of the most important people to have come into our lives. The time, empathy, advice, experience,

and knowledge that she has provided our family is invaluable."  --Jenny

"I have seen Kristy on a regular basis for 9 months and couldn't express how much she has helped me put myself on a path of loving myself.  Kristy is a wonderful listener and has given me wonderful insights on issues.  After each session with her I feel renewed.  I love the fact that Kristy is educated on a variety of different issues and is trauma educated.  I definitely recommend her!" --Alex

"The last several years, I have struggled with depression, anxiety and grief in different forms.  Not only has Kristy's compassion and patience helped guide me through some of the darkest times, it also has helped me grow in ways I didn't realize I needed to.  She has truly been a blessing in my life." --Theresa

"Kristy has been such a wonderful therapist and support system.  After trying three other therapists, I have found Kristy to be a great fit for me and multiple family members.  During a time of significant loss and a tough medical diagnosis, Kristy has been very helpful in my personal healing and growth.  She has worked with me through all sorts of issues that include grief, trauma, anxiety, and depression.  EMDR with Kristy has helped me to move past some events that were causing continued anxiety.  I also appreciate her knowledge.  She has been a great support to my family, and I'm grateful to have found her!" --Lisa

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